Beautiful African Grey Parrot Facts

Beautiful African Grey Parrot Facts

If you’ve ever seen a beautiful Grey parrot from anywhere, or if you are with a grey parrot then you know that you have a beautiful bird, but did you know that they are all capable of amazing things such as 1100 words or more, and using these words that they can learn to speak in many context?if you want to read other things about grey parrot so click

To say that these birds are so intelligent would be a much understatement, and the best part of it bird is, that’s not the only way or thing that makes the Grey parrot much special.

There are few of the most interesting and much helpful facts about beautiful Grey parrots, including their color, origin, types, and information which are included,

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  • Different Names: African grey parrot, CAG parrot, Timneh grey parrot, Congo African grey parrot etc.
  • Other Scientific Name: Psittacus erithacus and other subspecies name.
  • Adult parrot Size: 12 to 15 inches, weighing 12 to 20 ounces.
  • Life span: Average of 60 years and up to 65 years with extra great care.

Origin and History

The African grey parrot is found in some regions of Africa, including the nations of some part of Angola, Cameroon, Ivory, Congo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Uganda etc. The species are often found in dense forests, but it is also found at the one sided of other forests and in other open savanna areas.

Colors and Markings of African grey parrot

The African grey parrot, true to its super name beautiful colors, sports mostly grey sweet feathers, some with a beautifully thick or thin, pale edging. Congo African greys boast have shiny black beaks and beautiful bright red tail, while the Tinmeh grey parrot have horn like-colored mandibles and other tail feathers of deep side.Congo African grey parrots are 3rd size large then Timnehs.there are other interesting facts about African grey parrot are

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Health Issues

African greys can be suffered from, calcium deficiency, vitamin-D and vitamin-A deficiency, severe respiratory infection, or psittacosis, and often from psittacine beak and feather disease PBFD.

Vitamin A and D deficiencies can be prevented by making sure that your bird eats a proper selection of fruits, as well as green vegetables high in beta- protein and carotene, such as cooked or boiled sweet potato, and fresh cookies.

Feeding Or Diet

Fruits such as mangoes, pomegranate, water melon, and melon supplemented with a small quality formulated pelleted feed is the super base diet for the African parrot. Many greys also enjoy a number of treats and cheesy snacks, such as nuts. Healthy food, such as steamed green r white beans, with breakfast toasts, and often bit of your food salad, is most favorite food of them.

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Care of grey parrot

The African grey parrot is a medium or large-sized parrot and it must need an adequate living space. A minimum cage size should starts 2-foot by 4-foot footprint and 3 to 5 feet in height. Larger cages are most preferable. The African grey parrot is known as the most intelligent from total parrot species, and while this means that these birds is capable of learning dozens or hundreds of words and many other phrases, it also means you must provide that food which contains different helpful nutrients.


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