Beautiful Birds In world With Name, Images and Detail

Beautiful birds in world with name, images and detail

Animal’s life is classified into two section such as vertebrates and non-vertebrates. In vertebrates, we have amphibians, birds and reptiles etc.

All about birds, they can be characterized as the living being which is classified by:

  •     Great Feathers
  •     Beak but no teeth
  •     Best Metabolic rate
  •     Laying hard-with shelled eggs

They have a four-chambered of heart and they are can light weight but they have a strong and super skeleton. Take a look at the types of beautiful birds list that are given bellow,

  • Swift

The detail of these interesting birds are,

1.Swift Bird

  • This family is classified Greek which means footless. Swift belongs with family of Apodidae.
  • Swift birds can fly about 170 km/h.
  • Swift can fly area at least 400,000 km in one year.
  • They have great flexibility of changing their own angle between wingtip bones.
  • The birds also can rotate their own wings from the base.
  • Swift has huge wing tip bones.
  • They weigh from 5.8 g- 188 g.
  • The length range 10 cm- 30 cm.
  • Eggs hatch after 19-28 days.
  • Swift birds are incubated by both their parents.

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They are belong with Alcedinidae family and generally feed small fish and a huge range of prey.

They love to live near small rivers to eat fish, bees, dragonflies, frogs and reptiles. Their nests are in 2 cavities; tunnels dug and artificial banks.

Here are about 80 species of kingfishers.

  • Kingfisher has a big head, sharp, and long bills and small legs.
  • These are always found in forests.
  • This bird mass is about 15.5 g.
  • The length of king fisher is about 49 cm.
  • Largest king fisher has weight 359 g and length 48 cm.
  • The plumage of many kingfishers is so bright, in blue and green color.
  • Their eggs are white or glossy color.
  • They lay 10 to 12 and average of 3-7 eggs

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Pigeons and doves are the family members of Columbidae bird. There are about 315 species of doves are available in world. These are known as symbols of love. These species eat small fruits and seeds.

  • Average weight of these bird species is 905 g – 2.2 Kg
  • The length of their body for adult birds male is 58 cm.
  • Clutch size is only 1 to 2.
  • Incubation is done by male or female.
  • Usually males are recognize and separated by their Woo-Hoo voice sound

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Penguin belongs with the family of Sphenisciformes. The scientific and other name of penguin is Spheniscidae.if you want to known other type such as parrot so click

  •     In the water, the diving speed of this bird is6-10 km/h.
  •     Body mass of penguin is about 40 kg.
  •     Height for small penguins is about 35 cm.
  •     Height for Galapagos type penguins is about 50cm.
  •     Height for emperor type penguins is about 1.2-1.5 m.
  •     Life span of a penguin is 20 to 22 years

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The scientific name of this bird is Picidae and it belongs to a family of Picidae. They are always live in New Zealand, Australia, and Madagascar. Their favorite food is small insects and other dead trees.

  •    Woodpeckers are generally found in black, yellow, red, and    white color.
  •     There are about 300 species.
  •     They can peck 25 times per second.
  •     Their nest contains 2-8 eggs
  •     Their incubation period is about 12-15 days.
  •     They always love to live alone.
  •     The length of Woodpeckers bird ranges from 10 to 15.

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