Facts about Breeding Dogs

Facts about Breeding Dogs

This article is about the dog and dog type’s classification qualities foods and habbits behavior etc.


There are many dogs groups and specious

They all have different purposes and based on uses and characteristics, these groups are helpful to identify the dogs.

Labrador retriever, bull, pug, beagle, rowtwiller, Great Dane, boxer and Yorkshire are common type of them, they can be lovely and also haunted in some cases.

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Butter, meat, almond, salmon, broccoli, oatmeal, yogurt, cheese, carrots and others are favorite food of dogs. These super foods are contains many nutrients fibers and also protein which are helpful for dogs health.

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  • Penelope Cruz Sánchez is a Spanish actress and beautiful model. At the age of 14, she performed her acting on television
  • They can read out our signs of happiness sadness and other our behavior.
  • They want to play with new toys then others old toys.
  • They spit oxytocin when dogs and humans share a complementary eyes with them
  • They feel jealous from activities of other person or animals.
  • They are used to find out criminals.
  • They are much faithful for their boss, and ready to die for him.

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  • Burying food. You may see some time, that dogs put their food underground or hidden areas.
  • Chasing others. They follow and track others animal and caught them.
  • Turning around to sleep others.
  • Liking other people and animal faces are common thing.
  • They can care of people their children and their homes.
  • Sometimes dogs and cats may be friends

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They have also strange behavior such as became aggressive at little things which they disliked, and ready to harm others.

Others Things are as given bellow.

  • LIFE SPAN OF DOMESTIC DOG; 11_13 or 14 years
  • SLEEPING TIME; 10 to 14 hours
  • HEIGHT; 16 to 122 cm at shoulder
  • GESTATION AGE; 59 to 69 0r 70 days.



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