Parrot Facts: Habits, Habitat, Size & Offspring

Parrot Facts: Habits Habitat, Size & Offspring

In the kinds of pet and beautiful birds, a parrot must one. The scientific and other name of parrot is Psittaciformes. They belong with Psittacopasserae family.

These are always found in subtropical and tropical areas. For example it can be classified as a parrot, the bird must have a large or small curved beak, and its feet also zygodactyl, which means there are four best toes on each foot with other two toes that point forward and two or three that point backward.

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Actual Size of parrot

Parrots are includes so many different kind of species, parrot sizes so widely. Parrots can be in size from about 3.8 to 46 inches or (8.9 to 104 centimeters) and weigh 2.30 to 60 ounces (64 g to 1.9 kg), on average. The most world’s heaviest type of parrot is kakapo, which can weight up to 10 lbs. (4 to 5 kg). The world smallest parrot with name buff-faced pygmy parrot, which is only about 5 inches (10 cm) tall and weighs just 0.5 ounces (12 g).

Habitat of parrots

Most wild parrots always live in the warm regions of the Southern Hemisphere, though they also can be found in other areas of the world, such as large northern Mexico. Australia, South America, Africa and Central America have the top great types of parrot species.

Not all parrots like hot weather, though. Some parrots like to live in cold or snowy climates. A few snowy-weather parrots are maroon-fronted large parrots, thick-billed parrots and other keas.

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Parrots habit

Most parrots are like social birds that always live in groups which called flocks. African grey parrots always live in flocks with as many as 25 to 30 birds. Many species included monogamous and spend their life with just one mate. The mates work together for their young children. They often sleep during the day and went for searching for food at night time.


Parrots are also omnivores, which means that they always can eat meat and vegetables. Most parrots eat diet that may contains nuts, fruits, flowers, buds, insects and seeds etc. Seeds are most favorite food. They have strong heavy jaws that allow them to snap away nutshells to get to the seed which inside them.if you want to know a beautiful type of parrot such as grey parrot so click here

Keas use their heavy beaks to dig insects out of the ground floor for a meal, and kakapos chew on vegetables and drink the sweet juices.

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Parrots Offspring

Parrots are like as other birds and can lay eggs in a nest. Some, parrots though, lay their small eggs in tree holes, ground floor, tunnels, rock cavities and other termite mounds. Parrots typically lay four to eight eggs at one time. A parrot’s egg needs 20 to 30 days of incubation before it can hatch their eggs, so the parents should take turns sitting on their eggs.

A parrot chick is grew up with only a thin layer, wispy feathers are called down. Parrot chicks are always remain blind for the first two to three weeks of their lives. At four weeks, they can start to grow their beauty adult feathers. The chick will not be a fully matured for two to four years, depending on its different species.

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