As a jewelry and accessory lover, there is no reason not to wear them. However, if you are still not convinced about the benefits of jewelry and accessories, here’s a list of my top five reasons!

  1. Highlights of specific features: Accessorizing with jewelry or accessories can draw attention to particular body parts, such as the neck, face, and hands. If you are looking to emphasize your chest more than your face, smaller necklaces and more oversized earrings will work well. You can also wear smaller statement necklaces and more oversized earrings to emphasize your chest.
  2. Showcases your personality: Your jewelry can say a lot about who you are, whether you choose to wear large or small pieces. The jewelry you choose to wear often can give people a quick summary of your fashion style and the first impression of your personality. A person who can wear bold, bright colours is perceived as having a vibrant personality. Conversely, someone who can wear smaller pieces of jewelry is thought to have a more minimalistic character. Make sure that your jewelry matches your personality!
  3. A pop of color to your home: You can add more color to your selection even if you are used to wearing solid colors. If all-black ensembles dominate your wardrobe, you might consider wearing brighter jewel-tone pieces or even a more contrasting color, such as red. It will help you think of what to wear for getting dressed, and it will also brighten up your otherwise dark look.
  4. Any grocery store can be upgraded in style: Did you ever run a few errands and then ran into everyone and everything you didn’t want to meet in your comfortable stay-at-home clothes? It’s happened to us all. We’re running so fast that we don’t care about how we look. Accessorizing is a simple way to look like you just got out of bed. Simple earrings, a simple necklace and cute sneakers can transform your look from casual-chic to comfortable-casual chic.
  5. You can always wear earrings that fit: Although this is not a benefit to wearing jewelry, it benefits earrings. You won’t be disappointed with the sizing of your earrings. However, other jewelry such as necklaces and rings can get too tight or loose depending on how much weight you have. If you can’t choose between other jewelry pieces, invest in earrings.

Sterling silver is versatile, elegant, and timeless. This beautiful alloy deserves to be one of the most beloved precious metals. Yet, most people don’t know what makes sterling silver so special. What is sterling silver? How does it compare with pure silver or other popular metals like gold? What makes it work for jewelers, designers, and consumers?

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