Live Jennifer Lopez By Jennifer Lopez For Women

  • A fruity floral fragrance for young women Sparkling
  • Used for fragrance , mainly for women
  • This is high quality products with good fragrance
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Live Jennifer Lopez By Jennifer Lopez For Women

Live by Jennifer Lopez, a Floral Fruity scent for women. Live was released in 2005. Dominique Ropion is the nose behind this perfume. Top notes include Sicilian Lemon, Pineapple, and Italian Orange. Middle notes are Red Currant Blossom and Peony, and base notes are Caramel and Sandalwood.

A fragrance’s packaging can already convey the joyous nature of its scent. This fragrance is alive with life, happiness, and rhythm. This fragrance translates JLo’s parole “living to be dancing” into a scent. The heart is full of rhythm and combines the notes of red currant peony, violet, and violet. The warm and sweet base contains sandalwood, Tonka bean, and caramel. Dominique Ropion created Live in 2005.

Although the fragrance is fruity, it’s not as edgy as you would expect from a celebrity perfume. It’s not your average teen fragrance. Instead, these notes are complex and very fresh.

This fragrance smells sweet and bright at first. This fragrance is not offensive or unfavorable, however. The pineapple note isn’t sour or ‘in-your-face.’ Instead, it’s softly blended with citruses in top notes. This fragrance has an exotic, spicy feel due to the violets.

Although the dry down is musky, it is warmed by the caramel notes. This perfume is sweet and lasts a long time.

Because it is vibrant, tropical, and refreshing, Live would be the perfect Summer scent. In addition, the packaging is beautiful and colorful. If you are looking for something candy-like, youthful, and fun, I recommend this scent.


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