Top 5 Aquatic Plants Which Can Floats On Water

Top 5 Aquatic Plants Which Can Floats On Water

The aquatic plants are which plants that always have to prefer living in aquatic environments (fresh water or salty water). They are also considered as macrophytes and hydrophytes. These plants much need special water for living at the water’s surface. Few names of plants are given below Which Can Floats on Water surface

1.Yellow Skunk Cabbage

Yellow skunk cabbage is also known as western skunk cabbage mostly found in (UK). The name of this plant is skunk cabbage due to distinctive “skunky” smell that it spreads from everywhere. The plants growing length is 30 to 32 cm or longer. The leaves are much largest 60–145 cm long and 32–82 cm wide when it grow mature. Its flowers are create a large, beautiful and bright yellowish green spathe which 20–30 cm tall. Its flowers almost appears in spring.

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  • Nelumbo is a type of aquatic plants with large, beautiful flowers. Members of nelumbo are often called lotus.
  • The Indian lotus is very native flower of Asia and nelumbo is the best known for beauty. It is commonly used for Chinese medicine and Chinese cooking. This type of species is called national flower or Indian flower.

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3.Victoria Amazonica

Victoria amazonica is a type of species flowering plant, its family name is Nymphaeaceae family of lilies. The type of these species has very large and full leaves, up to 5 m in diameter that can float on the water’s surface, 7–9 m in length. The species once a time was called Victoria regia after beautiful Queen Victoria, but the name was changed.

Victoria amazonica has very narrow look, such as bayous or oxbow lakes. The flowers are white at the age of his first night when they are open and become pink at the second night. They are up to 50 cm in diameter. It is also known as largest waterlily in whole world.

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4.Water Cabbage

Water cabbage is belongs with the arum family. The other name is water lettuce, shellflower or Nile cabbage. It has native distribution for their is found in Africa, and its leaves can be up to 15 cm long which have no stem. They are light green or yellowish with many visible veins, wavy margins are covered with short hairs which have a basket-like structures which consists air bubbles. Water cabbage is considered in world’s much productive freshwater or aquatic plants. Water cabbage is often used for giving fragrance for fry fish and others small fish.

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5.White Lotus

It is also called the European White beauty Waterlily or White Water Rose and sweet Nenuphar. It family name is Nymphaeaceae. It grows in water from 40-160 centimeters deep and likes large river ponds and small lakes. The leaves can be up to 40 cm in diameter and they take up a spread of 160 cm per plant. The flowers colors are white and they can have many small stamens inside the flower. It is found all over north and Europe and many parts of North Africa or the Middle East.

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