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Are you wondering who got the hottest body measurements? Please look at the list, and check out their pictures here! Check actress’s body measurements like weight, height, breast size, waist size, hip size, eyes color, hair color, skin color, shoe size, dress size, and body type.


The hottest models represent grace and beauty with gorgeous bodies and silky complexions. They continue to captivate hearts and surprise the world with their stunning looks. They don’t just raise the temperature on the ramps but also on screens and red carpets.

Modeling is a challenging field that keeps everyone engaged. However, it can be extremely rewarding, too. There are even rags-to-wealth stories in the modeling industry. This list includes the most stunning and hot models from around the globe. Hit on your country!


The music industry is one of the most trending industries around the globe. Being a victim of the fame-driven world is as frequent as becoming viral in a matter of minutes. Some artists have maintained their position in the spotlight for a long time and even for years. Of course, they’re excellent performers; however, is that enough? Model’s body measurements also play a vital role in performance on stage. You’ll find young stars and some veterans; however, all have the potential to remain on these lists for many years.

Zodiac Celebrities

You might know the day of the week that you love celebrities; however, do you recognize their zodiac signs? Check more about different celebrity zodiac signs!

Perhaps, you have the passion for life as Shailene Woodley’s Scorpio, or maybe you’re as sensitive and analytical Virgo as Zendaya. Continue reading to discover the celebrities who have your sign and determine which famous person to date according to your zodiac sign.

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