Nicolas Cage Discusses His ‘The Flash’ Superman Cameo and Criticizes AI

Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage is making headlines for his recent comments about his cameo appearance as Superman in the film “The Flash.” Cage’s three-hour experience on the set of the DC film included digitally created cameos and some unexpected changes to his appearance.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Cage expressed his perspective on his role in “The Flash.” He clarified that he was physically present on set, debunking speculations that his appearance as an alternate version of Superman was created from old costume test footage. Cage highlighted the effort that went into creating the suit for his character, acknowledging director Andy Muschietti’s talent. In the film, Cage’s character, Kal-El, was meant to witness the destruction of the universe, with no dialogue but to convey emotions through his eyes. He explained that he spent approximately three hours on set for this role.

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However, what Cage saw on screen in the final release of “The Flash” was quite different from what he had filmed. The film included scenes of his character fighting a giant spider, which he did not do. Cage clarified that this was achieved through CGI (computer-generated imagery) rather than AI. He also shared his sentiments about artificial intelligence, labeling it as “inhumane.” He expressed empathy with director Tim Burton, who shares his concerns about the misappropriation of artistic content.

Despite these unexpected changes to his cameo, Cage expressed satisfaction that the film allowed Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood’s Superman suit to be seen. Atwood had originally designed the suit for Burton’s unrealized film “Superman Lives.”

In a separate interview, Colleen Atwood recalled the cancellation of “Superman Lives” and the innovative costume designs they had developed for Nicolas Cage’s character. She mentioned the challenge of reimagining the iconic Superman costume, particularly the shorts, and how they sought to make it an integral part of the character’s physique. Atwood also discussed the various costume variations planned for Cage’s character, including a healing costume with unique laser-based effects.

These insights into the making of “Superman Lives” and Cage’s role in “The Flash” provide a glimpse into the world of filmmaking and the complexities of adapting iconic characters for the screen.

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