Megan Fox’s Halloween Costume Takes a Swipe at SAG-AFTRA’s Rules

Over the Halloween weekend, actress Megan Fox decided to make a statement by donning a costume inspired by Gogo Yubari from Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill: Vol. 1.” She completed the look alongside her boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, who dressed as Uma Thurman from the same film.

However, Megan Fox used this costume to subtly express her disapproval of SAG-AFTRA’s recent Halloween costume rules. These rules were established to prevent union actors from wearing costumes based on struck work as a show of solidarity during the ongoing strike and ongoing negotiations.

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Megan Fox tagged @sagaftra in her Instagram post, indicating her intention to protest these strict guidelines. Nevertheless, her choice of costume might have missed the mark, as “Kill Bill” dates back to 2003 and isn’t a recent film that could benefit from promotional efforts.

SAG-AFTRA’s guidance primarily targeted costumes related to major blockbusters released in the current year. Films like “Barbie” were among those that people might be inclined to mimic for Halloween. However, it seems that Hollywood, in general, adhered to the union’s guidelines, with few instances of celebrities wearing costumes from recent movies or TV shows.

This issue garnered attention not only from Megan Fox but also from other notable figures, including Ryan Reynolds and Mandy Moore, who expressed their disagreements with the rules. In a humorous twist, the topic even became the premise for a sketch on ‘SNL,’ with Sarah Sherman portraying the SAG union president, Fran Drescher, playfully addressing kids in film-inspired costumes.

Ultimately, the Halloween festivities went on without major disruptions due to the costume guidelines, and many celebrated the holiday in their own creative ways. As we look forward to the end of the ongoing strike, we can only hope for a swift resolution.

Wishing everyone a belated Happy Halloween! ?

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