U.S. Fighter Jets Intercept Civilian Aircraft Near Biden’s Delaware Residence

In a security alert on Saturday, U.S. fighter jets were deployed to intercept a civilian aircraft that breached restricted airspace near President Joe Biden’s residence in Wilmington, Delaware.

The incident unfolded shortly after 2 p.m. when a civilian aircraft entered the restricted airspace, triggering a response from the United States Secret Service.

Anthony Guglielmi, Chief of Communications for the United States Secret Service, confirmed that as a precaution, assets were quickly scrambled to intercept the intruding civilian aircraft. Fortunately, the situation was resolved safely as the aircraft made a successful landing at a nearby airport.

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Guglielmi assured that there were no disruptions to the protectee’s (President Biden’s) movements as a result of this incident. Currently, agents from the United States Secret Service are collaborating with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to investigate the breach and ensure the security protocols are upheld.

Despite the security scare, President Biden, who was in Wilmington over the weekend, was not directly impacted by the incident. He continued with his plans and attended a church service on Saturday evening.

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