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Alexandra Daddario is an American actor, born on March 16, 1987 in New York City. The daughter of two lawyers, she always longed to be actresses and thus pursued an acting career at the age of eleven. She later attended Bearley School for girls, where she gained a love for performing.

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Alexandra Daddario Childhood & Early Life

Daddario was born on March 16, 1986, in NYC, New York, USA, to Christina, an Attorney and Richard Daddario, a prosecutor and former head of the ‘NYPD‘ counter-terrorism unit.

Her paternal grandfather was a Democratic member of the ‘United States House of Representatives’ for the state of Connecticut from 1959 to 1971.

She’s the oldest of 3 children in her family. Her brother Matthew Daddario is also an actor, although her sister Catharine is a societal media celebrity.

She was raised in Manhattan’s Upper East Side and originally studied at ‘Brearley School.’ Afterwards, in order to pursue an acting career, she combined the ‘Professional Children’s School’ and went on to attend ‘Marymount Manhattan College,’ which is among the best colleges for fine arts in the US.

She wanted to be an actress from the age of 11 and studied the Meisner acting technique for several decades.

She left her first television appearance at age 16, playing Laurie Lewis, a victimized teenager in the soap opera ‘All My Children.’ The series had over 40 episodes and was a good launching pad for her career in show business.

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Her acting career spanned four decades and during this period she appeared in some of the most important films of her time including The Bad Seed, Pretty Woman, Scarface, A Few Good Men, Eat Pray Love, E.T., etc. She was also nominated for an Academy Award for her first film, Pretty Woman. From here she went on to play different characters in many more movies including the remake of Pretty Woman and the independent movie Wildfire. Finally, in late 2020 she went back to Hollywood to star as Gloria Burglar in the blockbuster The Cable Guy. Since then she has appeared in some television series such as The Mentalist, L.J. Simpson, orders of the day, among others.

Alexandra Daddario Filmography

Alexandra Daddario has been nominated twice for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role category for her roles in the aforementioned movies. Her films in the past few years have seen a boost in her filmography with her most recent offering Eat Pray Love, which became available in theaters this past spring. This is her first Oscar nomination and she is looking forward to returning to the Oscar race in the near future. She will be up against tougher contenders such as Anne Hathaway for the role of Serena Blair in the filmography of The Cable Guy.

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One of the things that stand out about Alexandra Daddario’s career is that she has created quite a stir regarding her use of social media sites like instagram and twitter. Her instagram page has over ten thousand followers and she routinely posts photos from her recent travels around the New York City area. Her twitter account has only received a couple of hundred followers but it does give a look into the types of projects she is currently working on. For instance, she recently posted a picture from her recent trip to Buenos Aires where she met withicio Dali and his wife. It seems that a visit such as this was to promote the release of her latest film entitled The Devil’s Advocate.

Now, in terms of a biography that can serve as a bit of a bio about the life of this talented actress, I will only discuss a few notable accomplishments here. When was the last time you saw a film star at the movies wearing glasses? Alex Cross was just released in theaters this weekend. This is the same actress who wore glasses in the very popular movie The Social Network. The fact that she chose to wear glasses for this movie speaks volumes about not only her talent but also her confidence and poise.

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Alexandra Daddario is also an accomplished performer and singer. Her album entitled Concierto de Aranjuez was recently produced by Universal Pictures and her music was featured on the track titled “Bailand.” Her biography would make mention of such other accomplishments as the 2020 Best Actress award for her role in the film The Social Network.

I found out a little bit about Alex Cross, when I was doing research for an article that was to be published later in the year. The film was set to be released in fall of 2020 with a script by Greg Berlanti and starring Daddario, Emily Blunt, and Bryan Cranston. So far we have seen the actresses reprise their roles from the first episode. Daddario’s character is called Jessica Vooke and was introduced in the third episode of the season. She was working with an organization that had a secret meeting place. The third episode ended with the reveal that she was the mole that was running the spy ring in New York City.

Alexandra Daddario is my Personal Favorite. She has done an amazing job playing the OC in renewing the series. I am looking forward to seeing what direction she takes in the coming years. I hope you will too.

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