Top Interesting Facts About Bill Gates

Top Interesting Facts About Bill Gates

In this article you will know about a richest man of world which name is Bill Gates.Bill Gates one of the most richest and powerful technological titans of the 19th and 20st century. Let us know some super facts about this business man, Bill Gates.

  • Richest Man on the earth
  • Bill Gates remained the millionaire man on the earth until 2008 when he was surprised by the Warren Buffet and Muktesh Amani momentarily, but after some time he achieved the position again till him date.
  • 2.Tic-Tac-Toe
  • His first Microsoft program was Tic-Tac-Toe game.
  • 3.How interesting Playful He Was?
  • During his earlier school days, he was very naughty boy and playful kid. He hacked other school computers to get himself placed in the school of most of the girls.
  • Aimed to be a Millionaire by 20 to 30
  • When he was studying at Hereward University, he told his professor that he aimed to be a millionaire person by the age of, but by 30, he became soon the billionaire.
  • Was Computer Freak
  • Gates was the most powerful and genius in Computer; he scored 1550 out of 1800 in his first SAT exam.
  • What! And why Was He Arrested?
  • Gates was arrested in 1978 for crossing a red light of traffic and driving without a license in New York.

  • Was He school Drop-Out?

Gates dropped out of his school in 1976 and joined his earlier friend Allen to form a company which named was “Micro-Soft. Company” The hyphen fell off within 2 years.

  • He Got his Nick Name “Centibillionair”

It was a time when Media tried to create a new name for Gates–“Centibillionaire” when his net worth was surpassed $102 billion.

  • He Pays Huge Tax on his Money

Gates pays almost $2 million in property taxes for his cars and homes, a specific house overlooking Lake of Francisco that is about to be worth $127 million.

  • Richer Than Many other Countries.

Bill Gates is richest man than most of other countries of whole world. If he was a country or island, he would be 68th richest on earth.

  • He is Big Fan of Porche convince.

 Gates is crazy for Porsche. His collection includes a Porsche 921 convertible and a ‘89 Porsche 969 Coupe, which due to its unknown other crash rating needed President Clinton to sign a strong federal law for Gates to drive it in the U.K.

  • Once a time Gates-Buffet Giving Pledge

On December 8, 2011, Gates, American business man Warren Buffett, Facebook’s CEO signed the “Gates-Buffet Giving Pledge”, in which they decided to donate to his charity at half of their net worth.

  • Powerful Prediction of Bill Gates

Bill Gates said, that there will be no poor and helpless countries left in the whole world by 2036.

  • Powerful foundation then other countries

His Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation utilize more on global health every year than the other foundation and the World Health Organization of the United States.

  • What he Great Philanthropist.

Bill Gates determined to donate all his money to the poor and orphans after his death leaving $12 million each for all his four children. By now he has donated $38 billion.


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