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Celebrity homes are residences of the rich and famous. Celebrity homes are usually mansions, castles or estates that belong to celebrities such as actors, singers or even athletes. Celebrity homes come in all shapes and sizes and some of them even border on the edge of what is considered a house.

For instance, actor and director Tyler Perry’s house includes ten bedrooms, several bathrooms, a full-sized basketball court and a more than seven thousand square foot dressing room for him to get ready in before he goes out to do his shows.

Most celebrity homes have secret entrances, walls surrounding them to keep them secured from outside eyes as well as other high-tech security measures to make sure that their privacy is kept private.

Celebrities also surround themselves with trees, shrubbery and other greenery that hide their homes from the street where normal people get to drive by. Celebrity homes also come in all shapes and sizes. Some celebrities like Rihanna, Kanye West and even rapper “Birdman” live in high-rise condos instead of mansions or estates like other celebrities prefer.

The most famous celebrity home has got to be The Playboy Mansion owned by Hugh Hefner who was recently married at the property to his latest wife Crystal Harris.

The mansion itself is 20,000 square feet with 29 rooms which includes a wine cellar, game house, home theater, separate cottages for guests as well as five bedrooms that are just for Hef’s personal use when he has guests visiting the home.

The most famous celebrity home now is the White House. It has been said that they are number one on Celebrity Home Search’s list because of their location, size and historic value since presidents have lived there for years. Presidential families can also be considered celebrities in some cases as well.

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Jennifer Aniston House – Bel-Air Mansion

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