Top Facts about Taylor Swift

Top Facts about Taylor Swift

A beautiful, super inspiring and more hugely talented singer producer and songwriter, Taylor Swift has earned many money and a lot of fame in few working years of her life. During her entering in the music world, this singer has shown her effective talented a super range in her singing site. She won many awards.

If you want to know more about Taylor swift so some interesting facts are given below.

  • Taylor swift was born on December 14, 1988.
  • At the age of 11, this most talented star wrote a sweet poem (Monster in My Closet) after it she gained a national poetry contest in America.
  • At the age of 15, she wrote a non-biographical novel with beautiful titled; A Girl Named Girl; Taylor said, that her parents still have this beautiful girl.
  • Taylor Swift has scares from snakes and spiders, which always terrify her. She also fears from death and other many horrible things.
  • Taylor Swift has very and low eye sight, which is like nearly blindness and she wears big heavy circle glasses when she not using contact lenses.
  •  She often getting terrified from a tattoo.

  • Ronnie Cremer s is the person who taught her to play a guitar.
  • Before she performed in other series of Hollywood this singer ruled in the family business during her universities holidays and did something for other orphans and poor people. That surely it was interesting experience for her.
  • Taylor swift won many awards after singing her first 22 songs.
  • Taylor Swift is the only artist in the music history which have an album hit 2 million first 2nd weeks sales figure four times. Her 4 albums that are Speak Now (2011), (2013), 1988 (2015).
  • Taylor likes iPhone. She loves the handmade things.

  • Taylor said that she and her father are looking very similar. They both love British and English language and read the interesting books. She accepted that her dad is best for her.
  • She said that her father is her best friend for all over time.
  • She bought a beautiful house for a pregnant lady which was her fan named zester after learning in a newspaper. She had been homeless for 7 months.
  • The lorax, the giver, cats, velentines day, is most famous movies of tayor swift.You Need to Calm Down, The Archer, I Don’t Wanna Live Forever, Teardrops on My Guitar are the most tophit song of taylor swift.
  • Joe Alwyn was her boyfriend. Alwyn lives in low sources life. She has many time dated with her boyfriend.
  • Taylor Swift net worth is $350 million.
  • Taylor swift looking so nice romantic and famous girl. Her determine for poor people is very high because she always like poor and helpless people.


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