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Carla Gugino had become a very successful actress at the young age of 17 years. Carla Gugino has been performed in top movies due to her stunning body measurements.

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Amid all the stars appearing on the silver screen and capturing viewers’ hearts, Carla Gugino is one of the most prominent names. The multi-talented actress awes viewers with her impressive work history, sparkling personality, and commitment to her profession.

Beautiful and beautiful, Gugino has been a famous name in the fashion world since 1989 and continues to shine in the present. Here, you can find out details about the actress, focusing on the details of her body measurements, fitness accomplishments, and the history of her relationships.

Carla Gugino’s Success Story

Carla Gugino is known for her work in acting, producing, and modeling; however, she was born with humble beginnings. Born in 1971 to an Italian orthodontist father and an English-Irish maternal lineage, Gugino experienced a mix of different cultures in her house in Sarasota, Florida.

When her parents separated, she was born early. In her teens, Carla Gugino started modeling and took acting classes. At 16, she was free and began to make her way into the television industry, appearing in the shows “Good Morning, Miss Bliss” and “The Wonder Years.”

In the same year, she also began her journey into the film industry by doing projects like”Troop Beverly Hills,” 1989 “Troop Beverly Hills,” and 1993 “Son in Law” with Pauly Shore. In 1993 she was a part of”the” Bon Jovi “Always” music video.

Over the years, Carla Gugino has worked on numerous projects with notable names such as Michael J. Fox and Nicholas Cage. She’s also worked with some of the most renowned actors, including Robert De Nero, Al Pacino, and Jet Li. The first notable role that earned her the recognition she was due was her role as Ingrid Cortex, the main character’s mother within”Spy Kids. “Spy Kids” trilogy.

Other notable projects include the”Night At The Museum” in 2006 “Night At The Museum” featuring Ben Stiller, a guest role on the popular show “Entourage, and” the 2009 movies “Watchmen” and “Women in Trouble.” The second film was the sequel to her character, the title “Elektra Luxx,” in 2010. The actress also appeared in the movie 2011 “Sucker Punch” and 2015 “San Andreas” alongside Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson.

The year was 2016, and she was featured in a second single, but this one with Black Eyed Peas’ “Where’s The Love?”. A substantial part of the film for Carla Gugino was in the 2017 thriller “Gerald’s Game.” She was the main character as the protagonist Jessie Burlingame.

In the past, Gugino worked in the 2021 action thriller “Gunpowder Milkshake” alongside Lena Headey, Angela Bassett, and Paul Giamatti.

Carla Gugino succeeded in getting a position on one of the 100 hottest American women lists. Let us check out Carla Gugino height, weight, breast size, bra size, career, net worth, and more.

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Carla Gugino Personal Info

  • Full Born Name: Carla N. Gugino 
  • Nick Names: Carla
  • Date of Birth: August 29, 1971
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Birthplace: Sarasota, Florida, USA
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Occupation: Actress, Model, Producer
  • Father Name: Carl Gugino
  • Mother Name: Susan
  • Siblings Name: Carl Gugino, Jr. (brother)
  • Boyfriend: Sebastian Gutierrez
  • Married Status: Married
  • Spouse/Husband: Sebastian Gutierrez
  • Carla Gugino Net Worth: $15 Million (2022)
  • Nationality: American

Carla Gugino Measurements

Carla Gugino height is the main reason she got fame in the film industry. If you are searching exactly what Carla Gugino height is, we’re here to reveal that to you. Carla Gugino has body measurements that fit into the mystery of her curvy body. Carla Gugino busts are proportionate to her body making it appear so engaging. Carla Gugino breast size is 35 inches, Carla Gugino waist size is 25 inches, and Carla Gugino hip size is 35 inches, which makes her an ideal hourglass. Carla Gugino body measurements are 35-25-35 inches.

  • Carla Gugino Measurements: 35-25-35 inches
  • Breast: 35 inches
  • Waist: 25 inches
  • Hip Size: 35 inches
  • Bra Size: 32C
  • Cup Size: C
  • Carla Gugino Height: 5 feet 5 in, 165 cm
  • Carla Gugino Weight: 135 lbs, 61 KG (In 2021)
  • Shoe Size: 7 (US), 37.5 (EU)
  • Dress Size: 6 (US), 38 (EU)
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Breast Surgery: Natural Breasts
  • Body Type: Hourglass
  • Skin Color: White

Carla Gugino breast size may be an excellent start to the conversation since rumors about her breast surgery spread more. Carla Gugino has not addressed such allegations, thus confirming that the hottest actress has not had plastic surgery.

Because of Carla Gugino height, she has been awarded a significant place as one of the most beautiful American actresses. Carla Gugino’s curvy body matches her height perfectly. Carla Gugino height is perfect for the roles she plays in movies.

Carla Gugino’s Dating History

Regarding relationships, many celebrities have to deal with dating scandals and gossip. Carla Gugino is one of the few exceptions in the world of entertainment. She met her current partner as a producer, writer, and director, Sebastian Gutierrez, back in 1996. The couple has been in a fairly stable relationship through the years.

Carla Gugino and Sebastian Gutierrez began their relationship while shooting the romantic comedy “Wedding Bells Blues.” At this point, they started their romance, but they officially began their relationship in 2005.

They have worked several times professionally and have 11 films and TV shows in their common collection. They don’t have plans to marry shortly, but they’re both happy in their relationship.

For her previous relationships or rumors, Carla Gugino is notorious regarding her privacy. Even though she was in a relationship before her relationship with Gutierrez, she did not reveal the person’s name.

Suspected Rumor: Has Carla Gugino Considered Plastic Surgery?

Her gorgeous looks and impressive physique have rewarded Carla Gugino with great attention. Therefore, it’s obvious that some critics have been wondering about the secret to her youthful body even now.

Theories are floating around this moment about her having implants for her breasts and Botox.

But these stories are simply speculation. There isn’t any evidence of Gugino having undergone any surgery. Additionally, the actress has denied the allegations and has been an ardent advocate for an active lifestyle.

Many of her fans and non-fans have defended her following no sudden changes in her body throughout her film- or television career. Carla Gugino is just getting older like a good wine.

Carla Gugino’s Net Worth

Carla Gugino has worked in numerous reputable films and shows throughout her career. This is why she has a $15 Million net worth in 2022. Her long-standing career has been in this sector of the American entertainment industry and is associated with Untitled Entertainment. Untitled Entertainment.

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Interesting Questions About Carla Gugino

What are Carla Gugino measurements? How old is Carla Gugino now? How much does Carla Gugino weigh? How tall is Carla Gugino? What is Carla Gugino net worth? Is Carla Gugino in a relationship? Take these questions and answers to learn some more fun facts about Carla Gugino.

What is Carla Gugino most famous for?

Carla Gugino is famous due to her super hit movie Son in Law (1993).

How old is Carla Gugino?

Carla Gugino is 50 years old.

How tall is Carla Gugino?

Carla Gugino height is 165 cm.

How much does Carla Gugino weigh?

Carla Gugino weight is 61 KG.

What is Carla Gugino’s worth?

Carla Gugino’s net worth is $15 Million (2022).

What is Carla Gugino eye color?

Carla Gugino real eye color is hazel.

What is Carla Gugino breast size?

Carla Gugino breast size is 35 inches.

What are Carla Gugino body measurements?

Carla Gugino body measurements are 35-25-35 inches

Where is Carla Gugino from?

Carla Gugino is from Sarasota, Florida, United States of America.


Carla Gugino is one of the most beautiful American actresses. Carla Gugino is 50 year old hottest American actress and has a very long way to go in her own personal and professional life. Hopefully, you can find all the Carla Gugino measurements in this informative article.

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