Elizabeth Hurley’s rocks short blonde hair in latest show-stopping swimsuit photo

Elizabeth Hurley isn’t yet ready to let summer go and has shared her stunning photo of herself in a swimsuit photo to increase the heat.

The actress and model 56-year-old took on Instagram Stories to share Instagram Stories with a phenomenal image of herself sporting a stunning pink one-piece. Still, the highlight was her hair that almost overshadowed her swimsuit.

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Elizabeth’s brunette, long locks were replaced by more emphasized, shorter locks, and it was a great look for her.

The designer of swimsuits was advertising her collection and offered discounts on the soaring pink swimming suit the model was in.

Elizabeth Hurley Beach established the brand in 2005. She is the model for the clothing for herself. To stay fit, she says she’s not crazy about the gym. However, she is concerned about the food she puts into her body.

“I love easy, organic, and easy food. I’m not a fan of foods that contains a lot of additives or chemicals,” she told The Cut. “When I’m home in the countryside, I will always make an effort to eat foods that are produced locally. That’s the same for meats and vegetables.

“All through the summer, we consume fruit and vegetables I have grown in my garden. I had a small-scale organic farm, and my son’s only food was directly from the farm. It’s obvious that this isn’t feasible for the majority of people; however, supporting local farmers regardless of where you live is an excellent thing to do.”

Her morning health routine isn’t her favorite; however, she claims it’s very beneficial for her.

The actress drinks the hot beverage of two cups, the first thing to increase your metabolism and get the digestive system functioning.

“It tastes fairly disgusting,” she stated to The Daily Mail. “But it’s fantastic for your digestive system.”

Elizabeth does not finish her workday slowly, and she prefers to be light-headed before hitting the grass.

She said to her viewers on E!: “I think that’s one of the best diet tips you can have to eat your food earlier on in the day, so you’ve got more time to digest it, and your body can rest in the sleep period.”

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