History Of Mark Zuckerberg

History Of Mark Zuckerberg.

The founder of Facebook was born May 15, 1985. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is billionaire man who is founded of Facebook. He launched Facebook when he was only 17. He began his programming at her early age. During studied at high school, he created software program that can detect users’ music and listening habits by using a super artificial intelligence.

After launched this program, he became much popular. A After it he was offered many jobs of software but he refused   all these job offers and continued his study of graduation at Harvard University. Zuckerberg is accepted himself an atheist.

Mark Zuckerberg often suffers from red and green blindness at many time but blue is the best color which he can see easily. Because blue color is scheme color of Facebook.In his life of college days, he created a program which named as Face mash. This program was created to find out who is the most beautiful and attractive person on his study campus.

In 2010, he turned eat vegetables and said that he would only like to eat the meat of those animals that he killed himself.

At the age of 14, he created an important and basic computer network called (Zucknet) for his family members. It gave permission all the computers on the network to send messages from anywhere one to each other by pinging.

In 2011, the Time magazine showed also him among the 110 wealthiest and most popular people in the word.Zuckerberg has a beautiful Hungarian bulldog named (Beas). The Facebook page of his bulldog has more than 3 million fans.

Mark Zuckerberg left out of Harvard University and preferred to continue his work on Facebook.

He holds about 60 patents to his name. Synapse Media Player was the first in his working history.

If Mark is your friend on your Facebook so, you cannot unfriend or block him. If you do, it show try again letter.

In 2011, Mark Zuckerberg promised to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet  to donate at least half of their wealth to poor and orphans.

Zuckerberg’s marriage with his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan was a quite surprise for his friends and family members, because all guests were told that they were being invited for celebration of Chan’s medical graduation, but in reality they were surprised to saw his marriage ceremony.

A super movie was produced about Zuckerberg and the creation of Facebook, was named The Social Network movie.

A settlement of 1.5 million Facebook stock shares and $40 million in cash was reached in 2009.

He had a net worth of about $76.2 billion in October 2019, making him the 20th -richest person of world.


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