Israeli tanks hit Gaza, settler attacks in West Bank, Middle East economies threat

In recent developments from the Israel-Hamas conflict, Israeli tanks have conducted operations in northern Gaza as part of preparations for upcoming combat stages. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) targeted several terrorist cells, infrastructure, and anti-tank missile posts, with soldiers reportedly returning to Israeli territory.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed plans for a ground invasion of Gaza in an urgent effort to destroy Hamas. He stated that the mission aimed to eradicate Hamas’s military and governmental capabilities, as well as secure the release of hostages held by the Palestinian Islamist group.

However, the UN Security Council failed to pass resolutions addressing the conflict, with both US and Russian proposals being rejected. The deadlock leaves the council divided over the Israel-Hamas war, despite ongoing diplomatic efforts to find a compromise.

In addition to military actions, the conflict has led to a rise in violence involving Israeli settlers in the West Bank, exacerbating tensions in the region. US President Joe Biden condemned these attacks, emphasizing the urgent need for accountability and a cessation of violence.

The ongoing conflict not only poses a humanitarian crisis but also threatens the stability of Middle Eastern economies, raising concerns about a potential chain reaction affecting countries bordering Israel. The possibility of economic chaos and political instability has become a growing concern among world leaders and analysts.

French President Emmanuel Macron has advocated for an international coalition to fight Hamas, proposing cooperation similar to the coalition against the Islamic State group. However, the response from regional leaders has been limited so far.

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