Jada Pinkett reveals she and Will Smith have been separated for over 7 years, but refuse to divorce

In a stunning revelation, actress Jada Pinkett Smith has disclosed that she and her husband, Hollywood star Will Smith, have been living separately for over seven years. Despite their separation, the couple continues to present themselves as husband and wife during public appearances, maintaining a united front for the public eye. Pinkett Smith candidly discussed the situation during an interview with Hoda Kotb on the “Today” show, where she was promoting her new book, “Worthy.”

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According to Pinkett Smith, the decision to live apart stemmed from their mutual exhaustion in attempting to sustain their relationship. She confessed that both she and Smith found themselves trapped in idealized fantasies of what they believed the other person should be, leading to emotional fatigue. Despite their separation, Pinkett Smith emphasized her commitment to never allowing a reason for divorce to arise, vowing to work through any challenges they face as a couple.

The couple’s separation, which began in 2016, was kept a secret for several reasons. Pinkett Smith revealed that they were not yet ready to discuss their situation publicly. Additionally, they were still navigating how to maintain a partnership despite living apart. This revelation sheds light on various incidents during this period, including Pinkett Smith’s relationship with family friend August Alsina, which she confirmed in a conversation with Smith on her former show “Red Table Talk.”

Remarkably, this separation endured through highly publicized incidents, such as Smith’s controversial moment at the 2022 Academy Awards. Smith famously slapped comedian Chris Rock on stage after he made a joke referencing Pinkett Smith’s alopecia, a condition causing hair loss. Pinkett Smith initially thought the incident was a skit, only realizing its reality when Smith began walking back to his seat. Despite the challenges, Pinkett Smith expressed her commitment to supporting Smith and allowing him the space to navigate these issues independently.

Acknowledging the complexity of their relationship, Pinkett Smith stated that they are actively working through their challenges. She emphasized the deep love they share and their determination to find a path forward together. The revelation has sparked widespread discussion, shedding light on the complexities of celebrity relationships and the resilience required to maintain them amidst intense public scrutiny.

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