Jennifer Lawrence Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Jennifer Lawrence Diet Plan and Workout Routine: I’ve always been a fan of Jennifer Lawrence. She’s an amazing actor and appears to be an extremely fun, caring person.

Jennifer is also extremely enthusiastic about positive body image. You’ll notice that she exercises and eats well. She is, however, able to be happy with her body shape and I love her attitude to life!

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Through the years Jennifer’s physique has changed a bit. At times, she has to tone and strengthen up for a film at other times, she’s more curly and feminine. She can wear whatever style she wants. I like how she remains in her own skin during her workout routines.

Jennifer Lawrence Diet Plan

Her Everyday Diet

Jennifer isn’t a huge advocate of diets. She’s a fan of food (remember the time Jennifer took Pizza for the Oscars? ) She also says she’d like to put in more effort at the gym to have the freedom to eat whatever she’s craving.

She strives to not be too strict and says she is unable to work when she’s not hungry at all. For instance, when she’s hungry for a burger she’ll usually let herself take a bite of a burger.

But, she doesn’t like junk food. She is a health-conscious eater. In the beginning, she would like to keep Greek yoghurt, veggies, and hummus available in case she needs to be hungry.

She Sticks To Smart Snacks!

Jennifer is careful not to gain excessive weight by savouring her salty and sweet appetite cautiously.

Dalton Wong, Jennifer’s former trainer, told her that he was trying to make sure that Jennifer was carrying this food ready to help her eat if she was hungry:

  • Air-popped popcorn
  • Peanut butter and celery
  • Blueberries and cashews
  • The full-fat Greek yogurt (full-fat contains less sugar and is usually more enjoyable than zero cholesterol Greek yogurt)
  • Almond milk containing protein powder
  • Eggs that have been hard-boiled
  • Dark chocolate (for those times when you’re craving sweets!)
  • Coconut yogurt (to help avoid the constipation that dairy can cause)
  • Hummus and vegetables
  • Walnut butter and apples

Dalton states that he doesn’t suggest Jennifer eat Granola bars. They’re usually loaded with sugar.

He recommends choosing whole foods, even when they’re a little more calorific. The majority of people enjoy them and are healthier, and eat less eating foods that aren’t processed according to him.

She Controls Her Portions

It’s true that Jennifer is a foodie, yet she is careful to eat portions that are logical to her. She doesn’t need to eat a large amount of food since she chooses food items that satisfy her desires.

When she has a date to eat, she loves to select a starter to the main course, and then split dessert with her loved ones. She doesn’t like eating too much.

Dieting For Red Sparrow

Jennifer was expected to shed some pounds and to tone up to be fit for the role in Red Sparrow. In the end, she was dancing in a ballet! The process of preparing for the role was the first time she had to go through a strict diet.

The primary thing Jennifer did in preparation for the movie was reduced calories. While she’s not revealing the number of calories she consumed each day, she did mention that she counted the banana chips to ensure that she wasn’t overindulging!

She also ensured to eat plenty of vegetables and protein lean such as chicken.

Jennifer filmed every ballet scene she performed at the start of the process of production so that she wouldn’t need to eat all day long. The process was not her favourite!

Jennifer Lawrence’s Workout Routine

Jennifer’s exercise routine has evolved over time. She’s been required to perform various kinds of workouts to suit various films and her preferences have also changed.

In general, Jennifer says she doesn’t like exercising however she’s willing to keep up with it in order to stay fit and get the body she desires.


Jennifer is grateful to her former trainer Dalton Wong for helping her learn a healthy, fun and balanced approach to fitness. Dalton was able to help Jennifer prepare for the films of the X-Men.

Together, they had a plan to:

  • Do 20-30 minute runs in the morning to get your body moving.
  • Do a few, high-intensity, short training sessions throughout the day.
  • Utilize bodyweights to ensure that Jennifer can exercise anywhere regardless of where she went.
  • Finish every workout by doing something to relax. It is helpful for Jennifer to practice yoga or deep breathing to relax.
  • Take a walk in the fresh air If Jennifer was feeling demotivated. A walk or a run could help her feel motivated to keep going!

It’s the same format that Jennifer has employed to train ever since.

In preparation for films She’s been doing a similar mixture of steady-state cardio bodyweight exercises, and HIIT. In some instances, she’s adding other workouts such as Pilates or climbing on rocks.

Circuit Training

Jennifer is a huge lover of workouts that are short and push her body into a tense position. Jennifer enjoys exercises using bodyweight that incorporates some strength training and skipping to keep her heart rate going.

Here’s here an example of a circuit workout that Jennifer could do to focus her arms and abs:

  • Pushups with weights (You are able to do this using only your body weight or an exercise band!)
  • Press and curl
  • Burpees
  • Side planks
  • The other side
  • The sides of the body are raised by a quick pulse
  • Another side
  • High/low plank
  • Leg extensions
  • Torpedos (aka back bows)

Perform each of these movements for a minute. Try doing this at least once.

If you are a fan of this kind of exercise, here are some workouts that are like Jen’s


Jennifer took her time to prepare for this film! She worked for four months and worked five days per week with Kurt Froman, a ballet expert and trainer who collaborated alongside Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis on Black Swan. Every training session with Kurt was scheduled to last 4 hours!

In the evening, after training Kurt, Jennifer would go to a private Pilates training session with trainer Kit Rich. Together, they’d work out for about 90 minutes. Kit assisted Jennifer to strengthen her muscles and giving her an extremely slim, long and lean look typical of ballet dancers.

Flexible And Hard Working

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the celebrities who are super relatable and is fun to spend time with. She’s candid about her favourite foods (pizza!) and dislikes (being hungry!). There are things about the fitness journeys we don’t like and appreciate her candour!

However, Jennifer has also been willing to endure some really tough activities (like 5.5 minutes of exercise!) to become a better actor and to be more fit and healthy. I am awestruck by her flexibility and her willingness to take on difficult tasks.

I’m a big fan of her work. I’m looking forward to seeing the amazing things Jennifer is going to accomplish in the near future!


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