Junk Food: 5 different kinds of junk food in world

Junk Food: 5 different kinds of junk food in world

Are you want to know about junk food and its different kinds?

Do you here from anywhere about these food?

The food that contains high amount of calories but low amount of important nutrients are called junk food. The World Health Organization has recognized some junk food in the world, which may lead serious damage on human body health.

In the following area, we will introduce you about them in detail:

  • Fried food
  • Preserved food
  • Canned food
  • Cream products
  • Processed meat

Fried food

Fried food contains a large amount of heat, oil and much fat. Often eat such kind food that contains heat and oil will easily lead to liver and coronary heart disease. During the frying process of this things, it often create a lot of carcinogenic substances. Some studies have shown that process, people who also eat fried food are more likely can suffer from cancer.

Preserved food

It is also a kind of junk food, because Preserved food always consists a lot of salt, so often eat such kind food will lead great burden on the kidney diseases, which may increase the risk factors of hypertension. In addition, preserved food often contains a kind of other harmful substance–nitrosamine, which may increase the risk of brain disease malignant tumors. In addition, the high quantity of salt can seriously damage the gastrointestinal mucosa of stomach, and then can causes gastrointestinal inflammation or ulcer in human body.

Canned food

In this type of junk food included canned fruits or canned meat, most of the important nutrients are destroyed, especially many kinds of vitamins and minerals. In addition, the protein contained in canned food is often denatured, which greatly reduces the quality rate and nutritional value of the useful food. What’s more, a lot of canned fruits consists a large amount of sugar. After eating or drinking these foods can lead obesity and other diseases.

Cream products

Often eating creamy products can increase your body weight, and even increase your obesity the content of blood sugar level and blood fat. In addition, eating a lot of all cream products before meal can decrease the level of your appetite. What’s worse, if you eat cream product with your empty stomach, it may lead to heartburn, stomach pain and other serious problems.

Processed meat

Processed meat (such as sausage) consists a much amount of nitrite, so it has the high risk of leading to liver or kidney cancer. What’s more, because this processed meat always contains a large amount of preservatives and color agents, so it will increase the risk burden on the liver of people. At the same time, the processed meat contains a high substances of sodium, so eat too much of food will increase the intake level of salt, and thus it can cause to fluctuation of human blood pressure and can cause damage the kidney.


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