Katherine Heigl Pregnancy Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Katherine Heigl gained a lot of attention for her role as Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy (2005-Present) and is now preparing to give birth to a healthy baby boy. Katherine Heigl, a talented American actress, is sharing her experiences with everyone. She believes that a healthy pregnancy is possible by following a nutritious diet and working out regularly. She believes in indulgence once in a while but needs to find immediate relief for any health problems during pregnancy.

Share the Experience

According to US Magazine, the beauty started a blog at 19 weeks pregnant. She shared many excellent tips. Although she admitted that she’s not an expert in pregnancy, she wants to share her experiences so women can benefit from her knowledge and have a better experience.

Source: Katherine Heigl Instagram

Diet Modifications

The first thing the diva shared was her poor diet. She indulged in a lot of food during her first month of pregnancy. She admitted to eating lots of chocolate cake and a lot of fettuccine Alfredo. However, she claimed she was only eating for two.

The Danger

Katherine acknowledges that she could have gained weight and, most importantly, her baby’s health if she continued to eat like this.

Diet Plan

A reliable source has been found for planning the meals of this mother of two adopted children. For preparing her meals, she uses the trusted Eating Well website. She believes that being healthy has made her feel better.

Source: Katherine Heigl Instagram


The star is a healthy eater on weekdays but loves to indulge on weekends. If she wants chocolate cake, she will eat it. However, due to her pregnancy, she has an intense craving for doughnuts every day.

Workout Routine

Josh Kelley’s wife says she struggles to find the motivation to exercise when she isn’t pregnant. It is difficult for her to exercise while she is pregnant. She also admitted that she does not do any weight training or intense cardio workouts. Yoga is part of her workout routine.

Changing Your Body Shape

The brunette beauty with brown eyes admitted earlier that she felt chubby due to her pregnancy. Although she claims that she has tried to avoid looking chubby throughout her career, she now feels the need to.

Pregnancy and Health Questions

The blonde beauty also revealed that her first pregnancy had caused some health problems. ABC News reports that she is suffering from indigestion, sinus headaches, and a stuffy nose.

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley at the August 2016 red carpet

The Cure

State of Affairs (2014-2015), actress, uses only home remedies to treat her health problems. To treat her indigestion, she is using water, apple cider vinegar, lemon and baking soda. In addition, she is drinking a cup of coffee each morning to combat sinus headaches. She drinks organic, low-acid coffee. This not only reduced her headaches but also decreased the swelling around her ankles.

Source: Katherine Heigl Instagram

The Excitement

Former fashion model, the former model says everyone in her family is excited about their new addition. But, sometimes, her adopted daughters forget about it and suddenly wonder when the baby will arrive.

ET Online exclusively reports that the husband of the animal advocate feels ready to have a baby boy. He is surrounded by women, including her and her daughters. He would feel relieved to have a baby boy.

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