Makeup product using ideas for beginners

Makeup product using ideas for beginners

Makeup so great and magical things, because it doesn’t have to be a simple mystery. Applying a good basic, and natural look doesn’t need a lot of skill or other tools. You can do your makeup blending with your small fingertips, and choose to leave out those products which they don’t suit on your skin. So have no long fear: enjoy the tricks and you will look your face fresh, and glowing then earlier.

There are some important product such as makeup kit, eyeliner, face concealer, and makeup brushes which used for makeup techniques for beginners.

Some makeup product using ideas are given below,

Start your makeup with face cleansing and moisturizing

Wash your face skin with smoothing jell, face wash or daily use soap.

Apply a low moisturizer.

This will keep your face skin from getting too oily during all over the day, and will help moisturize those areas which effected with any dry patches on your skin. But if you know that you have oily skin so, don’t apply moisturizer instead it try a gel based thing which quickly absorbed in your skin.

Then Wait five to six minutes before applying a foundation.

Apply foundation or base

Apply just a few drops of foundation on your face with your fingers on your forehead, nose, chin cheeks, then blend it with your fingertips, or a special foundation brush, start working from in to outside of your face in all directions. But before choosing a best foundation or base which suit your skin color and match with your skin tone. It will help you to give a good and natural look.

Then Use a small point brush to keep dot a bit where under-eye puffiness and dark circles under your eyes. Start it at the inner area and then outer corners of your eye.

Apply a colorful eye-shadow of your choice on your eyelid

For beginners, try a single shade color which match your clothes. Use a rounded eye shadow brush or your fingertips to make it easy and quick, short layer across your eyelid, start working with your brow bone. The eyeshadow should go from lash line of your eye then just beyond the inner corner line, then spread it upward the borrow bone.

Apply eyeliner eyelashes and mascara on your eyes

  • Use a black or brown color pointed pencil for applying eyeliner. For beginner put start eyeliner from your mid area of your eye then apply it both outer side.
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  • Then apply mascara from lower to upper eye lashes of your eyes. It your personal choice that you like thin or thick mascara look.
  • Then Place a best lash curler from the base point of your upper eyelashes (along the lid) and press it for four five seconds.

Apply a lipstick or lip gloss

Apply a colorful lipstick or lip gloss according to your cloth color start it from your Centre area of your lips. Use your fingers to blend your lipstick outwards, adding a beautiful color with your fingertips as you needed.Other makeup working ideas are given

Apply a primer on your face

After apply all makeup on your face then apply a best natural primer for setting of your makeup, because it will make your makeup long lasting.There are some other makeup primer ideas


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