Top 10 Facts about Your Health and Fitness

Top 10 Facts about Your Health

In this article you will know about helpful facts about your healthy living style. We have, and so we’ve mentioned together a list of top random health facts which are given below for your facilities.

Top Facts

  • More than 1/2 of adults and over 11.5 million children and teenager in the UK are obese due to poor healthy food. In the last 40 years, obesity in teenager and children has been nearly tripled then earlier.
  • One can of soda water contains 12 teaspoons of sugar and other ingredients and the total average of American adult drinks 600 cans of soda in one year, estimating about 55 pounds of sugar used in soft drinks alone for their refreshment.
  • In a survey of 10th through 11th graders in 2012, 13.2% of the teens admitted in hospital due to skipping their breakfast in the past 8 days, while 10.3% had drunk 5+ can of soda per day in the same time of day.

  • Excess use of meat is bad for the planet, for our own health, and for the well-being and other animals. Ask your school cook or host meatless to use low quality of meat so, you should consumed low quality of meat made things.
  • In 2012, more than 18% of the students were much overweight, and more than 20% admitted to hospitals themselves for 48 hours or more in the last 1 month in an attempt to lose their weight.
  • Breakfast is the most useful and important meal of whole day because it can feeds your mind and your whole body with the necessary, helpful nutrients and energy to work out all the day. Eating breakfast is very important for your health. Eat breakfast regularly will also help to keep maintain your body metabolism.

  • Teens need +8 hours of sleep per night for their own bodies to function out properly. Less than 1/2 of high school students in 2012 reported getting 10 or more hours of sleep per night for every day.
  • Physical activity such as aerobic exercise included running walking, muscle-strengthening weight-lifting, jumping rope bone-strengthening, balance and stretching activities such as yoga, dancing, Pilates, are especially beneficial for your healthy body.

  • Do not use expired food because it’s can harmful for your health. Focus fruits, lean meats, vegetable, whole grains, and low fat diet.
  • The rate which your body burns much calories when you are in condition of rest is called your (resting metabolic rate).



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