Top Bollywood Facts That You May Not Know

Top Bollywood fun facts that you may not know

Bollywood – is a platform that taught us why romance is unusual and incomplete without dancing in the heavy rain, an institution which show that one person could actually destroy hundred Hitler and he still be alive and strong, and a whole world where moms get the home of their children’s reached before they ring bell of their home. It’s an entertainment and super industry, loaded with glamour, glamour, surprisingly, gossip,   and shocking facts. Its share many movies, it has served us and our people with their motivation. If you are not a Bollywood fan, but these super interesting movies and movies facts, compelled you that you feel proud on yourself as Indian.

  1. When Shakti Kapoor started off his earlier career, it was a time that he was left no another choice for his earning, but at that time Raj Kapoor encourage him and his family.
  2.  Rahman has played a role of both lover and mother to Amitabh Bachchan. She played his love interest in (Adalat) 1977 and mother in (Trishul) (1979).
  3.  It actually occurred that the movie Kismet was a super and mega blockbuster movie and was one of the first movie which was run out in many of Indian cinemas for 4 years.

4.The title goes to the mega super movie Manthan produced by about 600,000 farmers of India and accepted by the concept of the ‘White other Revolution’ in India country.

5.Sunil Dutt won the best World record for the only one super actor in a 113 minutes heavy hit feature film Yaadein. Jagdish Raj also holds the respectable record for the being the most typecast actor and producer after having took out the performance of a police officer in 146 movies.

6.Bollywood’s first movie was a shortest movie which was produced in the year 1890 i.e. many years before the first blockbuster Hollywood movie was released in cinemas.

7.Raj Kapoor’s movie ‘Mera Naam Joker’ was the first super Hindi movie which have not just two but three intervals.

8.Kaho Naa Pyar Hai a romantic love story was added to the beautiful Book of World Records 2003 edition for receiving the most awards i.e. 82 for a movie.

9.Do (Aankhein Baraah Haath) is the first Indian film to have receive the first global award of Bollywood.


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