We Didn’t Realize About Ashley Benson Tattoos, Her Collection Is Ever-Growing

Ashley Benson has more than 15 tattoos. But they are easy to overlook if you don’t know. Her collection of tiny ink has been growing for many years. She recently added two new pieces to her collection. Her body art is mainly by JonBoy, her favorite artist out of New York City. She visits him regularly.

Nearly all Benson’s tattoos are unique in some way. Benson inks to honor her closest friends, including her grandmother, friend’s daughter, and long-time best friend.Tattoos for Cara Delevingne, her ex-girlfriend. She is also not afraid to get matching tattoos with friends. In 2016, all “liars” were expelled.

After filming the final episode, Pretty Little Liars had the index finger with the first initial of the character’s name engraved on it. Also known as their “Shh finger,” this finger is now their “Shh finger.”

Benson has most of her tattoos on her arms, rib cage, and hips. However, she also has hidden smiley faces and hearts on her middle finger. She also has a “13”, which is rarely photographed. Continue scrolling to learn the meanings of Benson’s delicate tattoos.

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