Where Was Little House on the Prairie Filmed?

Little House on the Prairie was one of the most famous series to ever air on TV. Even today, almost four decades after it ended its run on its airing, the show continues to pick new viewers. Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls, has recently said that the show can still inspire people to believe that we can win no matter how challenging circumstances are. The show could be set in Minnesota; however, do you know where it was recorded?

I bet you didn’t know that the TV show “Little House on the Prairie” was filmed in Southern California. The show follows a mother and her children as they experience life on the frontier during America’s westward expansion. It is one of my favorite shows to watch because I love how it brings back memories of my childhood growing up in Iowa.

The majority of outdoor shots were filmed in Simi Valley, California

Although Little House on the Prairie was located in Minnesota, Most of the outdoor scenes were shot in Simi Valley, California. However, Big Sky Ranch, which was the location where outdoor scenes were shot, was not just utilized for Little House on the Prairie. The ranch was frequently used for film and television sets, mainly for western films; however, there were some notable exceptions. The Coming to America in 1988, a comedy that starred Eddie Murphy, filmed some of the scenes on Big Sky Ranch, for instance.

Although production teams often employed the set for television productions, the weather and terrain weren’t the most welcoming. As per mental Floss, the crew in Little House on the Prairie suffered through many hot, humid weather conditions, and temperatures typically being at or above 90 degrees and often exceeding 100 degrees.

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The cast got a break while filming interior shots

Big Sky Ranch could not have been very pleasant to film; however, it wasn’t the only location used during the show’s nine seasons. Sometimes, the actors had the opportunity to enter the building to enjoy a little climate control. The interior shots of the show were recorded using a sound stage. In addition, the crew filmed from the market up to restaurants on locations.

Most of the early seasons were shot on Paramount Studios. Later on, the show relocated onto the MGM sound stage that was 40 miles from the studio. The show concluded the 9th season of the show with MGM sets.

The show’s soundstage move uncovered an amazing find

Like Little House on the Prairie transitioned to the MGM soundstage, The production team had plenty of work complete to make the stage set. MGM personnel dismantled sets from the past to make room for this show to make an authentic set for the production. While doing so, they discovered an old film prop.

As per IMDb IMDb, the team transitioning the set located that the yellow bricks road was initially in The Wizard of OzThe Wizard of Oz was shot on the soundstage between 1938 and 1939 before its theatrical release. Yellow brick roads were among the famous film-related artefacts next to Dorothy’s ruby slippers.

Final Thoughts

The Little House on the Prairie TV show was filmed in California and Montana. It featured many different landscapes, including rolling hills, tall mountains, rivers with waterfalls, meadows full of wildflowers and many more beautiful sites that you will not want to miss. You can also see some stunning shots from San Francisco for all those curious about what life is like in this big city by the bay! So if you’re planning a trip out west soon or love looking at pictures of natural beauty, then be sure to check out these photos highlighting one man’s journey around America.

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