Are Taylor Swift’s Legs Really Worth $40 Million?

Like many A-list stars, Taylor Swift isn’t immune to the flimsiest rumors being circulated in the tabloids. But, from overblown or fake fights with fellow artists to false claims of her pregnancy, Swift has been able to handle gossip with a smile.

A rumour has it that Swift does not have a belly button. The only thing that some publications can’t make up is to get more eyes on the pages.

As a renowned celebrity with international interest, gossip is part of the deal. However, there are times when rumors pass through the cracks and appear to be plausible enough to be apparent.

“Ever since I was a young girl, Taylor Swift has been my idol. Her songs have always made me feel inspired and empowered, but today I am feeling ashamed of her.” “I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the video for ‘You Belong With Me’ or not (please watch it before reading on), but in this video she is wearing leggings with fishnet tights underneath.” “Now that I’m older – too old to be called “young” anymore- it’s clear that Taylor Swift loves to wear clothes for people who are much younger than her age.” “It seems like she wants to stay sexy forever, even though she is way past the point where she should be dressing like this.

How much are Taylor Swift’s legs worth?

Are Taylor Swift’s Legs Really Worth $40 Million, entertainment news, Taylor Swift’s Legs, Taylor Swift’s Net Worth

In 2015 The National Enquirer started a rumor that Swift was insured for her legs with a value of $40,000. This is $20 million per leg.

Although it was based on an unreliable source, this flimsy story had a few legs that were its own. It quickly spread to other media. It appeared plausible that she was not the only person to have these stories published about them.

Some other body parts believed that are being protected include the smile of Julia Roberts, Mariah Carey’s pipes, and Jennifer Lopez’s derriere.

While Swift and, most likely, people will declare that her legs are priceless, there is a valid justification for putting a figure on their worth. What could she lose if she were to pull out of a concert because of injuries to her legs? This is a significant loss in income for the performer who earns a substantial portion of her $300 million worth through her energetic dancing live shows.

As accurate as it might sound, Swift’s version immediately denied any assertions as untrue, and Swift then addressed the claim herself and had some fun with the story. Following Meredith Grey, one of Swift’s Scottish Fold cats scratched her on the thigh; Swift posted on Instagram: Instagram: “Great job, Meredith, I was trying to love you, and now I owe you 40 million bucks.”

The blog post has been removed, and Olivia Benson, Swift’s more friendly cat and an eyewitness to the incident, is not available to discuss the matter.

Does Taylor Swift wash her legs?

The insurance speculation wasn’t the only time Swift was the subject of headlines due to the rumor of her legs being long. However, the latest controversy was not triggered by the Enquirer and was caused by Swift herself.

Due to an unorthodox appearance on Ellen during May this year, viewers were left to wonder. But does Swift clean her legs?

“When you shaving your legs shaving cream, it’s just like soap, right?” Swift says, sitting in Ellen’s signature white chair. Ellen is in agreement, but she isn’t going to let the issue go there, and she probes further, saying, “unless you’re not shaving, then you’re not washing your legs.”

After a few backs and forth, Swift decides to insist that she shaves daily, and Ellen responds, “God, you must be a hairy woman.” The exchange was funny, and the crowd enjoyed it to the fullest.

Have you seen Taylor Swift’s legs?

Are Taylor Swift’s Legs Really Worth $40 Million, entertainment news, Taylor Swift’s Legs, Taylor Swift’s Net Worth

It’s hard to be too angry with fans for the attention they devote to Swift’s leg. With a height of 5’10”, the expression “legs all day” does not even begin to describe the fact that she can utilize the legs. Not only is she an accomplished dancer, but she’s also been seen on the catwalk with the top models as part of Victoria’s Secret runway show.

Most of the time, the comments she receives about her legs are pleasant and rare in beauty in the day and age of online trolling. A typical formula for fan-tweets about Swift’s legs reads as follows: “your legs are longer than my attention span”, as well as “legs are longer than the future I have.”

Final Thoughts

Some Twitter users can be a bit more creative when they tweet such as this: “omg, queen, your legs are longer than Justin Bieber’s Instagram posts that are poorly written.” And some followers may not have the basics of the human body “just thinking if those legs extend up to your bottom.”

You can say whatever you want about the price of fame; Swift is shaking it off and strolling her legs to the bank.

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