Emily Blunt Issues Apology for Insensitive Remark Made 11 Years Ago

Emily Blunt Apologizes for Calling Waitress ‘Enormous’ 11 Years Ago.

Emily Blunt, renowned actress, has issued a heartfelt apology for an insensitive comment she made about a waitress more than a decade ago, which recently resurfaced on social media. The incident dates back to her appearance on the ‘Jonathan Ross Show’ in 2012, during her promotional tour for the movie “Looper.” Blunt was recounting an experience at Chili’s restaurant, describing a server as “enormous.”

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In her apology to People Magazine, Blunt expressed deep regret for her past remark, acknowledging the insensitivity and hurtfulness of her words. She admitted her astonishment upon viewing the old clip, emphasizing that the comment was entirely unrelated to the story she intended to share on the talk show. Blunt stated that she had always considered herself someone who wouldn’t intend to upset anyone and found her past behavior unrecognizable from her current values.

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This incident serves as another reminder of the scrutiny celebrities face, with social media resurfacing past remarks and actions. Blunt’s public apology reflects a growing trend where stars address their past mistakes, emphasizing their remorse and commitment to personal growth.

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