Mick Jagger makes surprise slapstick cameo on ‘SNL’ alongside host Bad Bunny

Mick Jagger’s Surprise SNL Cameo Delights Fans

In a recent episode of “Saturday Night Live,” music icon Mick Jagger made an unexpected appearance, leaving fans in awe. The Rolling Stones’ frontman surprised viewers by crashing the set of a Spanish-language soap opera sketch, alongside host Bad Bunny and cast member Marcello Hernández. In the scene, Jagger played the father of a character engaged in an on-screen altercation. Sporting a pencil mustache and a cream-colored leisure suit, Jagger added comedic flair to the sketch, concluding with slaps for both actors involved.

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Jagger’s surprise SNL cameo didn’t end there; he made a second appearance, this time portraying a less-than-innocent nun, showcasing his versatility on screen.

This SNL appearance coincided with the release of the Rolling Stones’ latest album, “Hackney Diamonds,” their first since 2005. Additionally, the band announced plans for an upcoming tour, exciting fans around the world.

In an electrifying event in New York City, the Rolling Stones celebrated their album release with a surprise party, where they performed live. The night became even more memorable when Lady Gaga joined them on stage, collaborating on their single “Sweet Sounds of Heaven.”

The star-studded episode of SNL continued with Lady Gaga herself making a cameo to introduce Bad Bunny, who served as both the host and musical guest for the evening.

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