Britney Spears Explained Why She Shaved Her Head In 2007

Britney Spears Opens Up About Infamous Head-Shaving Incident in Upcoming Memoir

Britney Spears is set to reveal deeply personal moments in her upcoming memoir, The Woman in Me, shedding light on her tumultuous journey in the public eye. One of the most iconic and troubling events of her life was the 2007 head-shaving incident, a moment that shocked the world and became a symbol of her struggles under relentless media scrutiny.

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In the memoir excerpt obtained by People, Britney delves into the reasons behind her drastic decision. During the height of media harassment and amid her divorce from Kevin Federline, she walked into a California hair salon, requesting her hair to be cut off. When the stylist hesitated, Britney took the clippers herself, shaving her head as paparazzi captured the moment.

Reflecting on that period, Britney shares that the act was a rebellion against years of being scrutinized for her appearance. “Shaving my head and acting out were my ways of pushing back,” she writes, expressing her frustration with the constant judgment she faced since her teenage years.

The infamous incident occurred just before her court-ordered conservatorship began in 2008, where her father, Jamie Spears, took control of her life and finances. Under the conservatorship, Britney was stripped of her agency, forced to conform to expectations set by others. She recalls being mandated to grow her hair back to its original blonde state and adhere to strict routines, losing her freedom to express herself.

In her memoir, Britney questions the double standards within the industry, highlighting the disparity between how male artists with similar struggles are treated. She laments the loss of control over her own body and finances, emphasizing that she did not deserve the treatment she endured.

Britney Spears’ journey to regain her freedom finally saw success in November 2021, when her conservatorship was legally terminated after more than 13 years, marking a significant victory for the pop icon.

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