Who Is Rylee Arnold? Meet The ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Pro Rumored to Be Dating Partner Harry Jowsey

The Rising Star on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Linked to Harry Jowsey

Rylee Arnold, the young and talented dancer, entered the spotlight as a professional on the 32nd season of “Dancing With the Stars” in 2023. However, her partnership with Harry Jowsey has generated substantial buzz, raising questions about a potential romance between the two. Speculations intensified when they were spotted holding hands outside the DWTS ballroom, leaving fans eager to know more about Rylee, her family, and her connection with the “Too Hot To Handle” star.

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Romance Rumors Surrounding Rylee and Harry

Rylee Arnold and Harry Jowsey’s on-screen chemistry was undeniable from the moment they graced the DWTS dance floor during the September 26 premiere. The public’s curiosity piqued as they began to speculate whether their connection extended beyond dancing. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on October 3, Harry acknowledged their close bond, stating, “We just enjoy hanging out and we love each other, so it’s been great.” However, he opted to keep the mystery surrounding their relationship alive.

Just one day later, the couple seemed to provide a definitive answer when they were seen holding hands while leaving a concert at the Hollywood Palladium. Nevertheless, they’ve maintained a degree of ambiguity when discussing the status of their relationship. Harry emphasized that it wouldn’t be fair to add pressure to Rylee during her first season on the show, and he suggested that their relationship would evolve naturally behind the scenes.

A Dancing Dynasty: Rylee Arnold’s Connection to ‘DWTS’

While this season marks Rylee Arnold’s debut as a professional dancer on “Dancing With the Stars,” the 18-year-old is no stranger to the show. Her family boasts a deep connection to the world of dance, with her older sister being the renowned Lindsay Arnold, a seasoned “DWTS” pro. Lindsay, a former mirror ball trophy winner, decided to step away from this season’s competition after the birth of her second child. Lindsay’s journey as a pro began in the 16th season of the show in 2013, but she truly made her mark in the 21st season in 2015, securing a victory with partner Jordan Fisher.

In addition to Lindsay and Rylee, their family includes two other sisters, Jensen and Brynley. As of 2023, Rylee is the only sibling without children.

Rylee Arnold’s Battle with Diabetes

Rylee Arnold faced a significant health challenge when she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2021. She took the initiative to get her blood sugar levels checked after noticing symptoms similar to those discussed in a TikTok video about diabetes. Describing the period before her diagnosis, Rylee candidly admitted, “I was literally on my deathbed.” She has since become an advocate for diabetes awareness, regularly sharing updates about her treatment and condition on social media.

From ‘DWTS: Juniors’ to the Main Stage

Before making her mark as a professional on “DWTS,” Rylee competed on “Dancing With the Stars: Juniors” in 2018. She was partnered with Miles Brown and, at the age of 13, demonstrated her exceptional talent. Lindsay served as their mentor, and they finished as runners-up, alongside Ariana Greenblatt and Mackenzie Ziegler. Notably, Rylee is the only “DWTS: Juniors” pro to transition to the main series, as the junior version did not return for a second season.

As fans eagerly follow Rylee Arnold’s journey on “Dancing With the Stars” and continue to speculate about her connection with Harry Jowsey, her captivating story and remarkable talent continue to capture the spotlight.

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