Adele admits she was ‘borderline alcoholic,’ is now sober

Adele Opens Up About Battling Alcoholism and Celebrating Sobriety

British singer Adele candidly revealed her struggle with alcoholism during her 20s to her Las Vegas audience, confessing that she was “borderline alcoholic” back then. The Grammy-winning artist, known for hits like “Hello,” disclosed her journey to sobriety, expressing that she had ceased drinking three and a half months ago. Adele acknowledged the challenges, admitting her longing for alcohol but emphasized her commitment to sobriety.

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In March, Adele recounted her experiences during the lockdown, confessing to heavy drinking as the pandemic took its toll. Her realization came amid her divorce from Simon Konecki and the production of her album “30.” Adele’s decision to quit alcohol was motivated by self-discovery, focusing on her well-being and her role as a mother to 11-year-old son Angelo, shared with Konecki.

During her Las Vegas performance, Adele shared her son’s birthday plans, describing his approach to celebrations. Despite her son’s mature perspective, she affectionately joked about potential challenges, highlighting the modern complexities faced by today’s preteens.

Reflecting on her weight loss journey and mental health, Adele emphasized the importance of focusing on her overall strength rather than just losing weight. Her transformation was driven by a desire for strength and mental peace, incorporating daily workouts and technology detox into her routine.

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