Israeli president claims chemical weapons formula found on body of Hamas militant

Israeli President Reveals Disturbing Discovery on USB Found on Hamas Militant. Hamas fighters were carrying instructions on how to make chemical weapons, Israeli president claims.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog claims that a USB drive recovered from a Hamas militant involved in the October 7 attacks contained directions for creating a chemical weapon targeting civilians. According to Herzog’s office, the USB key contained pages from a 2003 al Qaeda manual, featuring a diagram for a “device for dispersing cyanide agents.” The document also included instructions for mass abductions and chemical mass murders. Although CNN could not independently verify these claims, Herzog emphasized an ideological connection between Hamas, ISIS, and al Qaeda.

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Furthermore, Herzog’s office disclosed two pages of the manual, illustrating a crude device made from household items and chemical agents. However, the Israeli government has not indicated that the Hamas militants possessed the means to execute a chemical attack. Despite this, Herzog insisted that the documents revealed alarming ties between Hamas and other extremist groups, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation.

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