Jennifer Aniston House – Bel-Air Mansion

Jennifer Aniston House – Bel-Air Mansion: Jennifer Aniston has a flair for interior design, which she has displayed in the gorgeous Bel-Air mansion that she bought in 2011 for $21million.

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While it’s true that the Friends actor’s stunning home is an elegant glass and wood exterior, the actress enlisted the help of interior stylist Stephen Shadley to transform the interior into a cozy and inviting living space.

“Jen is drawn to wood, stone, and bronze, materials that have real substance and depth. No matter how beautiful or glamorous something is, it has to be warm and inviting,” Amelia explained to

There’s a massive terrace with stunning views and an outdoor pool, and the home was the venue for her intimate wedding ceremony to Justin Theroux, her ex-husband, in August of 2015. Check out Jennifer’s new home, as well as the previous Beverly Hills home she shared with her former spouse Brad Pitt.

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Jennifer Aniston House – Bel-Air Mansion

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There’s a massive desk within Jennifer Aniston‘s office at home that appears like it’s been taken from the executive suite of a multinational group. It’s a semblance of the power of an executive. “I feel extremely powerful when I sit at that desk–so powerful that I’m rarely there,” the lively actress says. In reality, Aniston prefers to work in the small computer in her light-filled kitchen at her Los Angeles home she shares with her husband, screenwriter, and actor Justin Theroux, as well as the three doggies they have. “It’s much cozier,” she says, “and I’m all about cozy.”

It isn’t easy not to be in love with Jennifer Aniston. Over two decades after the Friends actress first claimed to be America’s Sweetheart – a rather shady title but apt, Aniston has shown no sign of letting go of the title. She’s hilarious, self-effacing, and remarkably down-to-earth, particularly amid the crazed tabloid scrutiny which has followed every move in her career romance, romantic connection, and hairstyle. For those who love fashion, Aniston boasts one added benefit: she has great taste.

“If I weren’t an actor, I’d like to be a fashion designer. I am a fan of the method,” the serial home renovator declares. “There’s something about picking out fabrics and finishes that feeds my soul.” Aniston’s dedication to her art was tested during her latest project for her home, a reimagining of the Bel Air house developed by architect A. Quincy Jones and was completed in the year 1965.

The actress purchased the property in 2011 following the sale of her Hal Levitt-designed house in L.A.’s Trousdale Estates enclave (A.D. March 2010). She was attempting to move to Manhattan, a plan thwarted by the ferocious paparazzi spotted in the Greenwich Village apartment building. When she purchased Bel Air, Bel Air property, it was just coming out of the renovations of designer Frederick Fisher, which, even though it was a symbiosis with Jones’s vision, was to be a little too modern and minimalist for Aniston’s preferences. “It had a very dramatic entry sequence that led to this massive front door painted in Chinese red,” Aniston recalls. “Aesthetically, it was the most unimaginative thing I had in mind, but I instantly felt that it could be a good idea. It’s hard to define; however, I felt an immediate feeling.”

There’s something about choosing fabrics and finishing that fills my soul.

Aniston asked the assistance of AD100 Interior designer Stephen Shadley, with whom she had worked in her prior L.A. home, to create similar alchemy for Bel Air. The goal was to preserve the modernist aesthetic of the original style but softening its sharp lines and adorning the interior with organic, tactile furniture and finishes. “Jen likes stones, wood, and bronze. These are materials with real substance and depth. Whatever beautiful or glamorous it must feel warm and welcoming,” Shadley says.

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Jennifer Aniston House – Bel-Air Mansion

Aniston supports the notion. “Sexy is important, but comfort is essential,” she says, pointing out at the vintage Jean Royere Polar Bear sofa, Jacques Adnet armchairs, as well as the Mies van der Rohe’s daybeds inside the room. The home’s skillfully multi-layered interiors to a collective effort aided by Shadley, L.A. designers Kathleen and Tommy Clements, and Jane Hallworth. Theroux was also involved.

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“Justin wanted to be involved, so there was a bit of a learning curve for me on how to include another voice in the design process,” Aniston describes. “For instance, I figured out that immediately saying ‘No!’ to any suggestion is not the most collaborative move.”

Aniston describes the decor’s centuries-old history as “Old World meets New World,” an eclectic mix of hand-painted wallpapers and modern furniture and silk carpets, polished concrete and antique Japanese screens, and Abstract Paintings of the Expressionist style. But regardless of the pedigreed objects on display – artworks of Adolph Gottlieb, Robert Motherwell, and Glenn Ligon; furnishings by Vladimir Kagan, Edward Wormley, and Arturo Pani, the real success lies in the harmonious nature of the diverse decorative arrangements in Shadley’s new interior design.

“Every turn you make, you are awed by the view. Everywhere you look, have a view. We worked hard to make sure that the flow is perfect,” Aniston says. The same concept influenced the transformation of the vast grounds, which were previously the hillside vineyard.

The garden designer Marcello Villano and landscape architect Anne Attinger reorganized the alfresco spaces into a set of outdoor rooms that are interconnected terraces, gardens, and pockets inspired by Asian design. Sundays at the Aniston Theroux house are set aside for cooking and relaxing around the pool with friends and dogs, children, and kids. “We put out a mean taco bar, and the chili’s pretty good in the colder months,” the actress states.

The career of Aniston is huge as ever (next to her, she’ll play the former queen of beauty pageants in the indie film Dumplin’); the life and home she’s created keep her priorities in check. “There was a time I believed it was romantic getting up and hopping off to somewhere new once every three months. Today, I’m more careful about the projects I undertake,” she says. “I look around at my husband and my dogs and our home, and there’s nowhere else I want to be.”

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