Seth Rogen’s Wife Lauren Miller Rogen Shares She Had Brain Aneurysm Removed

Actress Lauren Miller Rogen, wife of comedian Seth Rogen, recently opened up about her harrowing experience with a brain aneurysm at the UCLA Department of Neurosurgery Visionary Ball.

Five years ago, during an MRI aimed at assessing potential factors affecting her longevity due to her family history of dementia, doctors discovered a small, benign aneurysm. However, last year, concerns arose as the aneurysm grew in size, prompting a surgery decision.

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Sharing her gratitude, Lauren praised UCLA neurosurgeon Dr. Geoffrey Colby and his team for guiding her through the process, addressing her fears, and providing comfort.

At the gala, she humorously expressed relief, stating, “I’m truly thankful that I won’t be dying at this dinner table or any others anytime soon.”

Lauren’s commitment to brain health aligns with her husband Seth Rogen’s efforts. Together, they founded Hilarity for Charity, a nonprofit dedicated to Alzheimer’s disease. The organization’s inception stemmed from witnessing Lauren’s mother’s struggles with the condition.

Seth emphasized the importance of early detection, urging people to care for their brains like their hearts and lungs. He emphasized that it’s never too early to prioritize brain health and encouraged proactive measures for everyone.

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