Jason Kelce Says Travis Would ‘Kill Me’ If He Said Taylor Swift Was His Dream Podcast Guest

Jason Kelce Dodges Taylor Swift Podcast Question Amid Brother Travis’ Romance!

Philadelphia Eagles center, Jason Kelce, sidestepped naming Taylor Swift as his dream guest on his podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce. He playfully responded to Devin McCourty’s query, saying, “I can’t say Taylor Swift. Travis would kill me,” on a video shared by NFL on NBC. Instead, he jokingly suggested his Aunt Judy as a podcast guest.

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This comment comes amidst Travis Kelce’s budding romance with Swift, openly discussed on their podcast since July. Travis revealed his attempt to give Swift a friendship bracelet with his number during her Kansas City tour stop. Swift has been mentioned multiple times on the podcast, notably their father, Ed Kelce, chatting with her at a Chiefs game. Travis even made a cameo on SNL’s Swift-themed sketch, expressing his excitement about being part of it.

Sources indicate that Travis is genuinely smitten with Swift, a surprising turn for his friends. He’s reportedly “very into her” and happy in this relationship.

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