This Love Is Blind Season 5 Couple Had Their Wedding Cut From Show

Love Is Blind Season 5 Couple’s Wedding Left on the Cutting Room Floor

Netflix viewers might be surprised to learn that Love Is Blind season five featured an engagement that never made it to the screen. Contestant Renee Poche disclosed that she and fellow contestant Carter Wall got engaged in the pods, continued filming their journey, and even made it to the altar. However, their wedding footage was omitted from the show, which concluded its season on October 13.

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According to Renee, the engaged couple enjoyed a pleasant getaway in Mexico with other couples. Yet, things took a turn once they returned to their daily lives in Houston. Red flags began to surface, leading Renee to ultimately say ‘no’ at the altar. She expressed shock at the decision to exclude their storyline, mentioning that the unaired footage portrayed an emotional roller coaster, including both highs and lows.

Although her journey with Carter ended without a wedding, Renee found love after the show. She married another man, whose identity she chose to keep private. Their relationship blossomed after the show wrapped, with the couple rekindling their connection months later.

Renee Poche wasn’t the only Love Is Blind contestant left out of the spotlight. Paige Tillman and Josh Simmons, who got engaged during the season, also had their post-proposal story sidelined. After their engagement, the pair continued their relationship, planning their wedding. However, they realized they wanted different things in life, leading to the difficult decision to end their engagement. Despite the breakup, they expressed mutual love and respect for each other, emphasizing their enduring bond.

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