Audience walks out on Dave Chappelle after he criticizes Israel during show in Boston

The comedian Dave Chappelle faced controversy during a recent show in Boston when he criticized Israel’s bombing of Gaza and voiced his opinion that students supporting Palestinians shouldn’t lose their jobs over it. According to reports, members of the audience shouted both support and criticism, with some yelling “Free Palestine” and others questioning Chappelle about Hamas. The back-and-forth occurred after Chappelle’s statement that students shouldn’t lose their jobs due to their support for Palestinians.

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This incident follows a recent event where three students from Harvard and Columbia universities had their job offers rescinded by the law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell after they signed letters supporting Hamas. The firm stated that the content of these letters contradicted the firm’s values, leading to the decision to withdraw the offers.

Chappelle has been known for his candid commentary during his shows, previously criticizing the city of San Francisco for its issues with homelessness. Despite a statement denying his presence in Boston, records of his shows at the TD Garden were listed on the venue’s website.

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