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Do you know, how many cars does Kylie Jenner have? Although she’s young, Kylie Jenner‘s collection of stunning cars would put the most avid collectors to shame. Jenner has undoubtedly received some criticism for displaying her wealth and has even removed one car image after receiving a significant amount of negative feedback. However, her almost billionaire has worked hard to earn her money and uses it for nice things. So are you able to indeed be blamed for her?

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Kylie’s garage could make anyone smile. One of the latest additions to her fleet of cars was a stunning white Bugatti Chiron that she posted on Instagram in October of this year. However, she is also known for her affection for a different model, the Rolls-Royce. Its Kylie Cosmetics founder snapped pics with various models, including a gorgeous blue model and a taupe model and a maroon-colored Wraith that has black racing stripes and the lovely white Ghost.

It’s sometimes difficult to determine whether Kylie’s purchasing brand-new automobiles in a variety of colors, as well as wrapping or painting the ones she owns when she’s in the mood for a change. In the past, The life of Kylie alumni has shown she’s a lover of personalization over the years. In July of 2020, she showcased the door frame she made for the black Rolls-Royce with the words “Stormi’s Mother” and “special design” on the back of it. She could be a fan of cars; however, her number. number one name is and will always remain “mommy.”

It’s adorable, and Kylie told Vogue in September 2021 that Stormi “chooses” the vehicle she’ll drive each day. What a fantastic little girl!

Her most stunning car could come from her black Ferrari, however. In addition to being gorgeous, it’s also very scarce and has a checklist of prerequisites to meet before purchasing one. According to rumors, there were only 499 copies of the supercars produced that you must buy at minimum five Ferraris to own one. Fortunately, Kylie is a big admirer of the brand and has purchased several, including the yellow Spider and the blue Italia.

The luxurious car has an estimated $1.5 million cost, but the brunette beauty did not spend a cent. Instead, the car was a gift from her on-again or in-between boyfriend, Travis Scott is said to have given her the car as a push present following the birth of their daughter Stormi Webster in February of 2018.

In addition to Ferraris and Rolls-Royces. She has an impressive collection of Mercedes automobiles with a particular (and enormous) Black G550 4-x4, maroon-colored G-Wagon, as well as a black G-Wagon. The grey Maybach that former Tyga bought for her some time ago. It’s unclear how many of these she has left, and she’s interested in large cars.

As we’ve said, this collection isn’t for joking. Her whips cost anywhere between $150,000 and $1.5 million. And she’s been driving for a little less than ten years! So we cannot help but be amazed.

Red Lamborghini Urus

This appears to be Kylie’s latest baby and seems like the ideal “mom automobile” with ample space and a roof rack. The MSRP on this baby? About $207,000.

Orange Lamborghini Urus

Kylie shared a glimpse of the bright, orange Italian SUV on Instagram. The vehicle first appeared on her road at the beginning of May 2021.

Blue Rolls-Royce

It’s not clear how often Kylie is driving her vehicles; however, one thing is for sure: she is a fan to make use of them for props for photos!

Black Mercedes G-Wagon

Kylie is a fan of her G-Wagon so much that she purchased another G-Wagon in Black! Perhaps she… bought the first model wrapped. It’s hard to say!

Black LaFerrari

One of Kylie Jenner Cars is a Ferrari that her dad Travis Scott gifted her as an early push present to give birth to baby Stormi. The car costs $1.4 million … a fantastic gift!

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